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Our Reports

Our Reports Are Simple, Straightforward and Save You Time

At Inspection Professionals, we perform thorough inspections in an attempt to identify any problems with a home that you are either buying or selling. We realize, however, that inspecting the structure and all of the major systems of the home is just part of our job. We must also educate our clients about all the systems and present our findings to you in a clear, concise and unambiguous manner that is easy to understand. Our reports are essential to achieving this goal.

You are probably a busy person, and at Inspection Professionals, we respect that fact. After an inspection, you don’t want to have to do research on how to interpret a home inspection report. You just want to know what the findings are in a simple, straightforward way, and this is what we give you in our report. It breaks down any concerns we’ve found in the home and separates them from the common maintenance oriented issues. This is helpful to you so you’ll know what are serious issues that need immediate attention and what may simply be cosmetic issues.

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Every Home Buyers Guiding Light

Our report will prepare you for critical information about the condition of the home. There’s a reason that contracts on home sales are typically contingent on an inspection. If concerns are present with the home, the inspection report becomes an essential tool to share with the seller and request that they either remedy any problems or reconsider the selling price. Whatever the situation, our report is your guiding light to support or question your purchase.