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Sewer Scoping

Receive a Sewer Scope Inspection Before Buying a New Home

Home inspections are a must for buyers who don’t want to risk being stuck with a house that’s not the good deal they think it is due to hidden, underlying faults. A general home inspection, however, is limited to readily accessible systems of the home itself. There are more specific things you might want to have checked out about a house before you close the deal.

A sewer scope inspection is another type of inspection offered by our dedicated experts at Inspection Professionals. The sewer line under your house is a critical part of your overall plumbing system. If it becomes blocked or damaged, water can back up into your home instead of draining properly out into the city or county sewer system. In this inspection, one of our trained, certified inspectors will run a specialized camera into your sewer pipe to inspect it for any signs of concerns, blockages or root-infestation.

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Inspection Services Sewer Scoping

Professional Sewer Scoping You Can Trust

The team at Inspection Professionals has over 25 years of experience in doing home inspections in the Delaware Valley. In addition to our inspectors being licensed to do business in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, they are members of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Our inspectors meet or exceed all the necessary industry/state standards.

A home or commercial property is a huge investment. You want to be sure of what you are getting for your money. Accomplishing this is the idea behind the regular home inspections that any prudent buyer has done before taking possession of a new home. These inspections do not, however, specifically check for sewer line problems. Sewer line replacements are expensive! At Inspection Professionals, we have the latest technology to help us accurately assess the condition of your main drain pipe so that you don’t have a surprise expense after you’ve already taken possession of the property.

Most Popular Questions

Yes, we do. At Inspection Professionals, we do home inspections as well as wood-destroying insect, radon, well flow and other inspections. These can be done as separate services, or while doing a home inspection, our inspector might suggest another type of inspection if they see a problem that indicates the need for it.

Sewer pipes only last so long. It is, therefore, more likely that an older home might develop such a problem. Also, homes that have been vacant for a while and haven’t had the plumbing regularly used are more susceptible to sewer line issues and could benefit from a sewer scoping inspection. Slow drainage can be another indication.

After accessing the main drain pipe, one of our trained and certified inspectors will insert a specialized camera that will make a recording of the condition of the interior of your main sewer line. We will give you this recording and a report of our findings.

We get it. There are many things to do and pay for in the course of a property transaction, so why should you worry about this? Keep in mind, if there is a bad sewer line under a home, the average cost to replace it is around $150 per foot of pipe. An inspection fee is incredibly cheap compared to that.

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Our certified inspectors at Inspection Professionals are here for all your residential and commercial property inspection needs. Have you noticed the sinks and tubs in your home draining slowly? Is it bad enough that they are backing up? Maybe you’re buying a home or commercial property. In any of these situations, you should definitely consider protecting your investment by having a professional sewer scoping inspection. Please give us a call today, and we’ll schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.