Nolan Bream
Nolan B.
17:49 28 Feb 20
Inspection Professionals is an amazing company the staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. I used them for a general home inspection along with radon and termite. The inspection on the house I almost bought exposed a lot of issues i didn't even notice. Buying a house is huge and the people at Inspection Professionals made a big difference in my comfort level before making a final decision.
Megan Lyons
Megan L.
20:44 27 Feb 20
We hired Inspection Professionals per the suggestion of a friend who had used them and really liked them. They were on time and thorough. They provided a comprehensive written report of the inspection the same night. That was especially great as we were set up for a 30 day settlement and needed the report submitted within 14 days of the sellers accepting our offer. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a thorough and professional inspection on their home.
Amy Focht
Amy F.
18:18 22 Feb 20
Steve was not only very thorough with pur inspection but he explained everything in great detail to us. As first time home buyers, there's a lot we don't know to look for and what could potentially be a hazard to us and the house. He not only gave us his opinion, but if he wasn't sure or wasn't an expert on something he acknowledged that and recommended we should take the time to get an electrician or an engineer. Overall we couldn't have been more happy with our inspection and the service we received.
Brittany munro
Brittany M.
03:37 20 Feb 20
Couldn’t say enough great things. I showed up early, Steve and his team were already at work, explained everything and then some which was beyond invaluable to a first time buyer, worked efficiently and effectively, provided an over and above thorough inspection report, would definitely use again. 👍🏻
Laurie Lunny
Laurie L.
12:07 17 Feb 20
Can't say enough good thinks about Mark. He was on time, professional, extremely thorough, and educated me all throughout the inspection about home upkeep. I highly recommend Mark and Inspection Professionals!
Ryan King
Ryan K.
15:14 07 Feb 20
Simply put, Steven was great to work with. He was patient, thorough knowledgeable, efficient and helpful. He put up with all my questions while being friendly and genuinely interested in helping me understand.
14:04 04 Feb 20
Steve was so knowledgeable and easy to work with! He showed up early for our home inspection, took the time to walk us through everything he inspected and teach us what he was doing, and was so clear and articulate with his explanations. I would recommend Steve and his business to anyone! He also told us that even after the inspection ended, the relationship did not, as he would still be available to answer any of our questions or concerns. He gave us different pricing options for various levels of inspecting the stucco as well (for example, the price difference to conduct a comprehensive stucco report versus a "vulnerable area" stucco test).
Beth Jellinek
Beth J.
13:25 30 Jan 20
Steve & Tom did a thorough inspection, and were happy to take time to go over the details and answer any questions in what is a time of major decision making. I appreciate their humor, too!
William szilasi
William S.
21:42 25 Jan 20
Extremely thorough inspection with clear and concise explanation of all findings and very valuable advice as to remediation of findings.very professional and knowledgable representatives.
Joseph Kontz
Joseph K.
01:19 24 Jan 20
Steve showed up the next day and was thorough, knowledgeable and relateable. He saved me from making some large financial miscalculations. Use HIM to do the same for you.
Duane Silvestri
Duane S.
13:41 22 Jan 20
Great folks who really care about helping their client learn about any potential issues, or potential preventative measures to assist with your home. Thanks to Steven and Tom
Ryan Foley
Ryan F.
21:54 17 Jan 20
Very thorough in the inspection and explaining what they were looking for and why. Great team of knowledgeable tradesmen inspectors.
Allison Cahill
Allison C.
13:38 16 Jan 20
This is my first experience buying a new home. Steven was friendly, thorough, knowledgable, had a quick report turnaround and explained everything adequately for my understanding. I feel comfortable with the insight I received about my major purchase. Thank you.
Larry Dobson
Larry D.
22:07 14 Jan 20
I was very please with the professionslism and thoroughness of the inspection on the property I higherd this company for. Job well done.
kimberly broll
kimberly B.
13:45 29 Dec 19
Ryan Zukoff
Ryan Z.
15:03 22 Dec 19
The team is incredibly thorough. We have used them for a number of inspections and it has always been a great experience.
Chris Semans
Chris S.
15:50 21 Dec 19
Steven went above and beyond my expectations. He covered every inch of the house and answered every question that we had. He even encouraged us to follow him around and ask as many questions as we wanted. It was a pleasure to work with him and his trainee. I highly recommend using them if you ever need a home inspection for buying or selling real estate.
Joe McD
Joe M.
00:38 16 Dec 19
Mark was very detailed in his work. His report explained everything that we needed to know about the home that we purchased. I would recommend any home buyer to give Mark a call.We were first-time home buyers, and Mark made us feel comfortable in purchasing the house.
Will Stewart
Will S.
18:32 05 Dec 19
Steve inspected the stucco on a home for purchase. He was very informative, detailed, friendly and provided us with the information we needed to proceed. I highly recommend Steve and Inspection Professionals
Mauro V
Mauro V
03:11 05 Dec 19
Mark conducted my home inspection on 12/2/19 and did a fantastic job. He was organized, thorough, and punctual. He was able to communicate highly technical information in a way that was easy for me to understand. The report was very detailed with many pictures from around the property, there was specific issues pointed out and recommendations on how to fix them. I highly recommend Mark to anyone who is considering purchasing a new home.
Mike Stanton
Mike S.
14:10 02 Dec 19
The team did a great job and turned everything around very quickly.
Danielle Stephens
Danielle S.
16:11 30 Nov 19
Professional, polite, and thorough! Would recommend to everyone!
Summer Burke
Summer B.
23:52 29 Nov 19
Mark did an incredible job at our home inspection. Being first time homebuyers we had a LOT of questions which Mark answered patiently and specifically for our house. Mark was so thorough that we walked away very confident in the knowledge of the condition of our house. Thank you Mark!
Nina Zodtner
Nina Z.
14:57 24 Nov 19
Terrance Rebello
Terrance R.
13:37 24 Nov 19
The inspection report was very thorough and extensive. Much appreciated!
Zoheb Qureshi
Zoheb Q.
14:06 21 Nov 19
Tom Mateer
Tom M.
19:55 15 Nov 19
Had a great experience using Inspection Professionals. They were on time, respectful and provided a thorough inspection of the property. If you are looking for a home inspection, look no further!
LeeAnn Chen
LeeAnn C.
19:36 15 Nov 19
Mark & Steve are my go-to inspectors for straightforward and in-depth home inspections. They consistently have gone above and beyond for my clients!
Gina Vincent
Gina V.
18:09 14 Nov 19
Buying a house is stressful enough. I couldn't imagine anyone better to do my inspection and couldn't be happier! Steve took time to walk through all details of the house and explained minor issues and highlighted any major concerns. He has excellent understanding of all aspects of building construction and made me aware of the good, the bad, the ugly. I received by email, a detailed inspection report within 4 hours, loaded with pictures, concerns and some cost projections.
Matt Clark
Matt C.
13:45 13 Nov 19
Mark S. inspected our home and he was a true Pro. He spent time showing us his photo findings and gave guidance on estimated costs to fix, severity of findings, and overall opinion of the home. We were very pleased and would absolutely refer to friends and family. Our home inspection was in the morning and we had the completed report by that afternoon.
Jorden Printz
Jorden P.
16:14 10 Nov 19
I have used inspection professionals twice now. I have used jason whitt both times. Jason and his company are both extremely professional extremely knowledgeable and have a very keen eye for defects. Their job is not an easy or clean job but with no hesitation jason dives right in to get you answers. This ensures safety for your family and provides good negotiation points while buying a house as I am. I fully recommend this company and especially Jason. Even after the inspection he has answered my texts that pertained to a question I had about the report.
Sara Hammer
Sara H.
20:46 08 Nov 19
Every client that I have that has worked with Inspection Professionals has had an excellent experience. Great to work with. I highly recommend!
Mike Coleman
Mike C.
20:36 08 Nov 19
As a Realtor, I have attended hundreds of home inspections, and have had the privilege of working with all of the inspectors at Inspection Professionals over the years. They are all extremely knowledgeable, and do a great job of educating the buyer in a constructive way. In fact, despite having many options, Steve Hunn does the inspections for homes that I am buying for myself.
Lynne Kelleher
Lynne K.
20:31 08 Nov 19
Love these guys - thorough, professional and know what they're talking about. They're my go-to inspectors
Sean Adams
Sean A.
17:37 28 Apr 19
Mark is the best in the business. He just handled the home inspection, termite, and sewer scope on my own house and did a great job explaining everything. I have witnessed him conduct 20+ inspections and he brings the same level of professionalism to every inspection.
Alisa Perchick
Alisa P.
22:22 12 Apr 19
Jason was the most professional, honest, and thorough home inspector I could have asked for. During the inspection he took the time to show me what he found so I could see it with my own eyes before receipt of the report. Thank you and I'll be using your services again soon.
iain flick
iain F.
12:37 31 Mar 19
Steve and his team were great... friendly, informative, and thorough. Lots of good insight. Would recommend 100%
Craig Feinman
Craig F.
14:54 09 Feb 19
We are selling our home in Horsham and needed to get a "Stucco test" performed. The owner, Steve Hunn came to my home and explained the entire process, was informative and /professional. The test was performed the same day and our home passed the test! We were thrilled both with Mr. Hunn's expertise as well as with the results of the testing!
philliesreject B
philliesreject B
16:05 11 Dec 18
Nicole Brestowski
Nicole B.
13:34 14 Mar 18
Mark Sylvester of Inspection Professionals provided us with thorough, honest inspection. He took his time explaining every potential fault to us without being overly critical or biased. He generated a comprehensive report following the visit, which we will be using as a 'to do' list when making enhancements to our property down the line. As new buyers, Mark provided us with valuable information while making us feel at ease! Would highly recommend!
Kanika Gossett
Kanika G.
19:42 05 Jan 18
They are absolutely fantastic. This was my first time purchasing a home and Mark Sylvester one of they’re inspectors had my BACK. He was honest and professional. Great experience if you need your home inspected these are guys for the job. Thank you so much.
Allison DiGiacomo
Allison D.
18:42 15 Apr 17
We used Steve and he was very honest and thorough. We recently used him for two home inspections and were very impressed. We wouldn't use anyone else in the future
Alaina Lakawicz
Alaina L.
19:30 27 Mar 17
Steven and his team did an amazing job inspecting our Mount Laurel, NJ property. They arrived early and ready to go. They actually walked our roof (which I can tell you from experience, not every inspector will do) and gave us an extremely comprehensible summary of their findings. They had impeccable communication skills and were able to convey everything in a manner that was easily understandable and professional. They educated us about the home in a way that we will be able to remember later, even if it meant taking some extra time to have us try things out ourselves. For example, Steven had me try out the GFCI outlets to make sure I knew how to reset them throughout the entire upstairs level, in case one of them was tripped. In sum: they know their stuff, they are willing to go above and beyond, and they are friendly and easy to understand. I would highly recommend them!
Raquel Franco
Raquel F.
14:24 26 Feb 17
My Fiancé & I recently had our home to be inspected by Dan Chiffens and he did an amazing job! He was very professional, punctual, educated and honest. He made us feel very comfortable and was very helpful with all of our questions. He made sure we understood everything before the inspection was over. I would recommend this company to everyone. Dan made our first home inspection great! Thank you again!
Kenny Hopkins III
Kenny Hopkins I.
01:35 08 Jan 17
Dan Chiffens was our home inspector, we had our appointment set up for today Jan 7, 2017 for 8:30am we arrived at the house at 8:20 and Dan was already on the roof with the inspection started. He was clear and thorough through the entire inspection. He really knew what he was doing and knew the scope of his profession. Thanks again Dan and Inspection Professionals
Scott D. Geller
Scott D. G.
04:14 11 Nov 16
Thorough, experienced, professional and personable. Steven and his trained team will give you the peace of mind only the best in their business can provide. They will explain everything clearly and completely and provide you with a detailed report second to none. During my 30+ years in the real estate profession, when it comes to home and stucco inspectors, Steve is as good as they come! He is the only inspector I recommend to my clients. Period.
Audrey Hunn
Audrey H.
03:29 11 Nov 16