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Inspection Professionals are the best home inspectors in Montgomery County, PA

You have been looking for the home of your dream, somewhere to spend your future and a qualified, experienced home inspection is something you must have for everyone home purchase. 

The Best Home Inspectors in Montgomery County PA

Trust Inspection Professionals Home Inspectors in Montgomery County PA, Bucks County PA and areas around Southeastern PA to assure your home is inspected properly, efficiently and expertly in all areas of need. Don’t allow surprises to pop up in the future. Make sure you hire Inspection Professionals to inspect your new home and guarantee that any issues are found out before purchase, or get peace of mind what you buy is going to be the home you love and live in safely and securely for many years to come.

Choose experts with over 30 years of experience – choose Inspection Professionals. 

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Home Inspection

In real estate transactions, home buyers like to be sure they have an accurate picture of what they are getting before taking possession of...
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Stucco Inspections

If your home has some stucco used in its construction, then you may benefit from a stucco inspection (moisture probe test). Basically, this involves...
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Wood Destroying Insects

When buying a home, you need to know that it is structurally sound. There are various factors that can affect a home’s structure such...
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Radon is an insidious potential threat to you and your family because it’s an odorless, colorless, radioactive gas that is produced by the decay...
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Well Flow

There are many homes, particularly in rural areas, that use well water as their source rather than city or county municipal water supplies. A...
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Expert Witness

At Inspection Professionals, our services are typically secured by those who are looking to buy or sell a home, and we’ll inspect it for...
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Construction Consultation

If you are about to begin construction on your new home, you might be interested in our construction consultation services. Unless you happen to...
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Preconcealment Inspections

Also known as pre-drywall inspections, these are so named because of when they are done. They occur after the foundation, walls and roof are...
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Providing Seminars, Lectures and Training

Learning more about the systems and structural components common to all houses and buildings can be helpful to certain groups and organizations. If you...